Energy Efficiency Savings for LBOT Customers

Liberty Builders of Texas is committed to taking care of its customers.  We always say “Quality work is our mission…taking care of people is our Passion!

At Liberty Builders, we realize the every penny counts and we have been focusing on energy retrofits of our customer’s homes.  We can help you reduce the amount of energy you use and put money back in your bank account!  We can help you SAVE MONEY today!  Our composite siding products, windows, and insulation may decrease the energy consumption of your home by up to 40%!  Think about reducing your energy bill by 40%…what would you do with that extra money and savings?

This savings has already happened for many Liberty Builders’ customers and it can for you if you call Liberty Builders of Texas to find out how you can increase the value of your home and put money back in your bank account today!

Financing Your Home Improvement!

Liberty Builders of Texas wants to help you save money and increase the value of your home.  If you focus solely on your monthly payment for financing your home improvement, you may be missing a few key facts about the cost saving nature of home rehabilitation and energy retrofit.  Here are a few examples:

  1. Let’s say you do a routine energy retrofit and add composite siding and windows.  On an average job you can expect about a 70% return on your investment in the appraised value of your home.  That’s equity in your home and money on your balance sheet.  A $20,000 home remodel may add up to $14,000 in value.
  2. Liberty Builders products and energy retrofits may lower the cost of your energy consumption by up to 40%.  This has been verified by licensed Home Energy Rating System (HERS) specialists.  It HAS HAPPENED for current Liberty customers.  If you reduce your monthly energy bill by 40%, thats money back in your pocket every month.  You can apply that to your monthly financing payment.
  3. Use Bankrate to help you calculate a payment.  On a $20,000 home improvement financed over 15 years, at an 8% interest rate (based on credit), you are looking at a payment of $191.13.  If your monthly energy bill is $250 and you reduce your energy usage by 40%, that’s a $100 monthly savings you can apply to your loan payment!  That leaves a net payment of $91.13 and you increased the value of your home by up to 70% of your initial investment.

Bottom line…home remodeling helps you increase the value of your home.  Your financing payment can be reduced by your energy savings.  You end of up with a home you can be proud of and a budget that makes sense!

Generations Windows exclusively through Liberty Builders of Texas

Liberty Builders of Texas is hand selected from a major building products distributor to offer exclusive window and door line!


Norandex Building Materials Distribution, a leading distributor of exterior building products in the U.S. hand selects only qualified and certified exterior remodeling companies to furnish and install their exclusive Generations Windows and doors by Simonton.

The strong track record of satisfied customers and superior craftsmanship from the applicators and staff of Liberty Builders of Texas is second to none in the San Antonio, Texas area. The Generations window provides multiple energy saving glass packages and is even available with the Keep Safe Glass. Keep safe glass is a laminated triple layer glass package that can take multiple blows from intruders trying to break into your home, while also keeping out up to 50% of unwanted noise pollution from the outside.

Not only do the Generations windows and doors come with accidental glass breakage, they also give you the peace of mind of a double lifetime transferable warranty. This means the next home owner will be able to take advantage of lifetime warranty as well. This can be a great advantage when selling a home years down the road as energy efficient windows and warranties become more important with utility costs on the rise.

Click here to get an estimate on having your home installed with the Generations window and door line by Simonton!