Protect Your Gutters

Well, that was quite the rainy weekend we just had!  While we are all undoubtedly grateful for the rainfall, the weather combined with the season means one thing: leaves, leaves, leaves and more leaves.

Do you have a good gutter system?  The purpose of gutters is to collect rain water that hits our roofs and direct it and any debris away from the home.  Any water that collects close to the foundation of the home will sometimes find its way inside which can cause moisture damage and possibly mold.

Gutters can’t work efficiently with leaves and twigs clogging them up, but keeping them clean doesn’t have to be a hard chore.  Occasional checks to make sure they aren’t loose and that there aren’t any obstructions is suggested. And always make sure that the water is diverted away from the foundation.

If you find that keeping your gutters debris-free a difficult task, give us a call.  We install Leaf Relief® by Ply Gem.  We find this brand is more effective in keeping waste from blocking the gutters.  This brand can drain almost 30 inches off a roof in an hours’ time.  Not only is it effective, it is also almost invisible as it lays flat and fits snugly inside your gutter.  We find this brand is more valuable than other types of rain gutter protection at keeping leaves, twigs and pine needles from blocking your gutters.

So enjoy this fall weather without worrying about gutter jams!

Happy Home Owning!

Why Use a Contractor?


These days the “Do It Yourself” mantra is very popular.  Any trip to Home Depot and conversation with an expert can make you feel confident that you can indeed handle your home improvement project on your own.  You buy the materials, write down the instructions, go home and unload and then . . .Uh Oh.  So many times the project is too daunting or complicated and you’re afraid of destroying what you already have and creating a bigger mess than you started with.  So the questions comes to mind, “When do I call a contractor?”

The decision to hire a contractor is personal.  You’ll have to evaluate your comfort level with the job at hand, how much time you have to spend on the project and, of course, how much you are willing to spend to get it done right.  Will you need a permit?  Where do you get one?  What if one project leads to another and you find yourself in over your head?  Sometimes, the more you plan for, the more complicated the big picture gets.

Liberty Builders of Texas can take care of all of these headaches for you at an affordable price with simple, easy financing.  Let us worry about dimensions, materials, permits and leaks.  Take a look at the work we have completed by visiting our website and viewing the before and after photos.  Not sure we can do what you have dreamed up?  Call us!  We give FREE in home consultations.

Let us take a look and give you some ideas.  You have nothing to lose . . . but your sanity!

Liberty Builders of Texas


You Don’t have to Wait to Update your Home!

Have you always wanted to update your home but have never taken steps to do so because the task is just too daunting and you don’t know where to start? We can help! Liberty Builders invites you to “Ask Our Experts”! Our dynamic and creative employees are ready to listen to your ideas and budget and see what we can do to bring them to fruition.

From new windows and siding, updating your patio, adding a room, changing out your doors and even lowering your energy costs with Radiant Barrier, we will sit down with you and listen to your concepts and help come up with a custom plan that fits your needs.

And the best part is that our initial evaluation is free! And easy financing is available for those who qualify. What are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose in making your house your home!

Call us for a free in-home consultation. We look forward to serving you!

Liberty Builders of Texas
Upgrade Home

Windows by Liberty Builders

Liberty Builders and Generations Windows

Windows by Liberty BuildersWant to save on energy costs and give your home a face lift?  New windows from Liberty Builders can do the trick!  Liberty Builders of Texas was hand selected to install Generations Windows in the San Antonio Area.  Generations Windows has ranked highest in customer satisfaction for the past four years by J.D. Powers and Associates and are covered by a comprehensive Double Lifetime Limited Warranty.  This amazing warranty covers the vinyl, hardware, screen and glass, including accidental breakage!

Keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer!  Insulating Windows like Generations are also easy on the wallet as they can bring up to a 40% reduction in energy costs.

Have you ever thought about windows protecting your family and belongings?  Generations Double-Paned glass helps protect against break-ins and brings added peace of mind to their home owners.  Generations Windows are backed by a by a $1,000 break-in protection warranty*.

Thinking of an interior makeover?  New windows don’t just change the outside of your home!  Nothing transforms indoor living spaces like Generations® Insulating Vinyl Replacement WindowsInvite the beauty of the outside in, while keeping the inside of your home safe and comfortable.  You can customize the windows with different finishes and laminates to suit your own style.

Check out these before and after pictures and start thinking about a new beginning for your home both inside and out.  With Generations Windows from Liberty Builders of Texas, you can clearly see how easy and affordable a new look for your home can be.

*If a home owner files a an insurance claim resulting from a break-in through a KeepSafe glass window or door system, KeepSafe will pay the homeowner’s deductible up to $1,000. Warranty is transferable.