Stamped concrete walk way

Stamped Concrete: An Affordable Makeover for Your Outdoor Areas

In the process of updating your outdoor space but can’t get over how dull plain concrete can be? Don’t spend a fortune on the purchase, haul, and install of stone or asphalt; consider stamping (or staining) your concrete! At Liberty Builders of Texas, our priority is to custom install the most energy efficient and maintenance free exterior products available. Stamped concrete offers a unique, affordable, and easy-to-maintain option for any outdoor project.

Not just for theme parks anymore! The value of stamped concrete presents itself over and over again in all types of projects from driveways and patios to theme parks and malls. And it’s no question why; along with the resilience of regular concrete, stamping adds a decorative touch making it an elegant and economical option when remodeling.

See for yourself the benefits stamped concrete offers in terms of performance, cost savings, and aesthetics.

Reduced long-term maintenance and care.
Over time, other surface materials such as pavers can become loose or settle, resulting in tripping hazards. Stamped concrete’s advantage is that it never needs resetting or replacing.

Less labor intensive than other surface materials.
It is more economical to pour concrete and apply a pattern than to haul and place individual paving stones by hand.

Increased longevity.
Your initial investment in stamped concrete is only part of the total equation. Concrete lasts longer than other materials, is durable in nearly every type of climate, and holds up better to traffic and wear.

Increases resale value of property.
Stamped concrete adds instant curb appeal and aesthetic value to a property. You can maximize the return on your investment by choosing stamped  over plain concrete.

More design options. 

You’ll be impressed with how much stamped concrete has to offer in terms of availability of patterns and colors. The options are vast and will add a unique and elegant flair to your home. You can choose a simple stamped concrete design that mimics brick or stone, or you can go with a more elaborate design with outlines, different colors, and multiple shapes.

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installation of siding

Four Easy Steps to Finding a Siding Contractor

Choosing a siding contractor for your home improvement project is just as important as choosing the siding itself. You must look at their skills, references and what materials they are most comfortable with and have the most experience in using. Siding is a true investment for your home and you need to make sure the job is done correctly.

At Liberty Builders of Texas, we offer the most skilled and experienced professionals, the best and most appropriate materials for your siding project, and of course, solid references to back all that up. We are here to answer any and all of your questions, but you should also do your own research. Here are some things to think about when you want to get started looking for a contractor:

  1. Research: Take the time to research the siding material that best fits your needs. Once you have decided on the siding you desire, it is easier to narrow down your contractor choices by the materials with which they work best.
  2. Study: You willl need to study the local standards and authorities on what permits are required for which types of materials. You may find that there are limits to the kinds of siding you can install.  This step will also help you gauge the price line for each material and the labor involved to install it.
  3. Interview: Start interviewing contractors. You want to have a good working relationship with your contractor and have the utmost confidence in their ability to get the job done correctly and on time. Ask about their experience with the material you have chosen. Can they show you proof of insurance? Do they have good references? What about a warranty on their work and materials? Do they remove the old siding and how do they dispose of it? And of course, go through their estimates and contract with a fine toothed comb.
  4. Check: Lastly, check on what is taxable in their scope of work and ask about any hidden related fees.

At Liberty Builders of Texas, we are confident that we can meet and surpass your high standards. We work with different types of siding and strive to ensure that your choices match your style and will increase the value of your home along with lowering your energy bills.  You can rest assured that the professionals at Liberty Builders will work within your budget and keep you updated on all progress.  Just check our references! We would be honored to work with you.

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Easy Financing Leads to Saving Money

Don’t let money be an issue when it comes to making important decisions on home improvements.  While some home improvement projects are purely for cosmetic purposes, others can truly change the look of your home while protecting your pocketbook and safeguarding the environment.  Liberty Builders of Texas prides itself in offering money saving, energy efficient products that can change your home’s curb appeal and your general cost of living.

And best of all, Liberty Builders offers these products and peace of mind with competitive and valuable financing options.

We’ve been in this business for over thirty years and have helped our customers finance over $60 million in important home improvements and renovations.  These projects range from small changes to our clients’ homes and businesses to major transformations.  Liberty Builders has partnered with a trusted network of lenders that work with us and our clientele to find the right terms and conditions for the projects you find important and that will help to save you money in the long run.

At Liberty Builders, we know that your most important asset is your home and we are proud to help you improve upon the cornerstone of your family or business.

Our financing process is simple.  Fill out the online form on our website under the financing tab. You can trust that this is in no way, shape or form a credit or loan application, but instead a secure way for us to discover your needs and try to meet them on terms that make the most sense for you.

We have worked with the San Antonio Credit Union (SACU) for almost 25 years and can work within any budget.  SACU has helped us finance over eleven thousand contracts without cutting corners on workmanship or materials.

If you are thinking about investing in your home or business, it will only take a minute to get the ball rolling with our easy financing questionnaire and lenders who are ready to work with you and your budget.  Fill out the form or give us a call.  We are excited to work with you

Shattered glass window

The Ultimate Revelation Of Unbreakable Glass

Have your ever heard the term “unbreakable glass?”  More and more homeowners are replacing their current windows with what is being marketed as “unbreakable” windows, or better-termed, “impact resistant” glass.

Glass really isn’t unbreakable in the true sense of the word.  More likely these types of windows are shatter proof.  They can provide safety to your family members, pets and furnishings when there is a mishap to your window. Years ago, windows would easily shatter when hit with a rock, tree limb, baseball, wind, and in unfortunate circumstances, a bullet. Today, the more modern style windows may allow one small hole at the point of impact and, instead of the glass splintering and falling into the house, the window will stay in relatively one piece, revealing shatter lines where the blow was made.  They are made to safeguard the occupants of the home, very much like the way car windows are manufactured.

These unbreakable kinds of windows generally come in two different varieties.  One is essentially glass that is fit with a clear plastic film overlay.  It has the ability to actually stretch at impact.  Though the glass may shatter, it will not fly out in the direction of the force.  The other type is actually polycarbonate, a type of plastic. Double paned polycarbonate, sometimes called a “sandwich window”, allows for terrific security, lower energy costs and is exceptional in letting in the right kind of light.  To the naked eye, it cannot be distinguished from regular glass.

These popular protective glass windows are now standard in building codes in areas prone to hurricanes and earthquakes.  They are both very strong, quite light and are perfect for homes and businesses.

Liberty Builders of Texas can help you find the right updated windows for your home and save you money in the process.  Keep your family and valuables safe by considering protective windows for your home.  Our in-home consultations are free of charge.

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BBB Accredited business

You Can Trust Liberty Builders – A Member of the BBB

Liberty Builders of Texas is honored to be a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since 1992.  The BBB’s mission is to create a marketplace where companies can trust one another.  Not only do they set standards best practices for businesses, but also keep tabs on businesses and the reports they receive from the company’s customers.  The BBB selects and endorses local businesses who make a concerted and meticulous effort to resolve any complaints from their clients or customers.  The two main pillars of the BBB are Integrity and Performance.  These pillars include good ethics and an impeccable track record.  While every business can make mistakes, it’s how those mistakes are handled by the business that makes the difference.

The BBB rating is made after consideration of 13 factors.  They include:

  1. Complaints – How many and how severe?
  2. Unanswered Complaints – did the company respond appropriately and in a timely manner?
  3. Unresolved Complaints – was the complaint addressed or ingnored?
  4. Delays in Resolution – how long did it take to fix the problem?
  5. Pattern of failure to address complaints – What is the track record for the company in this area?
  6. Type of Business – How do they compare?
  7. Time in Business – Are they established?
  8. Transparent Business Practices – Are they employing best practices?
  9. Failure to Honor mediation/arbitration – How do they respond in a client disagreement?
  10. Competency Licensing – They must have all paperwork in order
  11. Government Action – They must follow all laws for their industry
  12. Advertising Review – Do they honor what they offer?
  13. BBB Trademark Infringement – Do they claim membership when they are not members?

Liberty Builders of Texas has an elevated rating of “A+” due to the following:

  • Length of time we have been in business
  • Complaint volume filed with BBB
  • Response to complaint filed against business
  • Resolution of complaint filed against business

It is our mission to listen to the needs of our clients, offer solutions and deliver what we promise.  We are proud to serve the San Antonio area and to be a part of the BBB.  Rest assured, you will be in great hands with Liberty Builders of Texas.


New front doors on a home

Why Your Home Needs a Fiberglass Door

Your front door is likely the cornerstone of your house.  It’s the first thing that guests and family see when they pay you a visit and it can convey your personal style and taste, as well as give great curb appeal to your home.

There are quite a few mainstream choices when it comes to focal entry doors.  From wood and steel to fiberglass, you might be surprised what type of material holds up best and makes the most practical choice.

Fiberglass entry doors have come a long way in the past 20-30 years.  These days, most consumers can’t even feel the difference between fiberglass and wood or steel.  Manufacturers have become good at creating heavy duty, insulated fiberglass that simulates the same look, feel and heaviness as the other competing materials.

These fiberglass doors are made from the same substances as cars, surf boards, and even airplanes.  They are ultra-resilient to staining, weathering, insects and even the force of a good door slam.  Other benefits are that they will not ever rot or shrink.  They are resistant to moisture so that will keep them from separating or cracking.  They can be installed with decorative glass and even matching flanks on their side.

The latest models now come with different “skins” to choose from.  These skins showcase different finishes to fit your style and various types of finishes and insulation that can lower your energy bills.  These improved doors also are a perfect compliment to just about any architectural style or trend.  And the best part?  Fiberglass doors are the most affordable!

If you are looking to update your front door, consider fiberglass.  Rest assured, they can handle the pressure and truly require the least amount of maintenance.

Call Liberty Builders of Texas, we’ll give you a free quote and great financing.


new windows of a home

Need New Windows? Here Are Some Signs to Look Out For

Replacing the windows in your house can make a big difference in the comfort and the value of your home. Not to mention, it can affect your energy costs as well.  The fact that that they add beauty to your home is icing on the cake!  Here are some signs to look out for when considering whether you need new windows.

Energy Bills

If your energy bills are out of control and you feel like you have been practicing good, energy-conscious habits, you might consider that the culprit could be your windows. Your precious air conditioning (or heat this coming winter) could be escaping through loose seals and cracks you don’t even notice.


Despite your bills, is your house still warm?  Can you feel it getting warmer as the day wears on? You will be amazed at what new windows can do to keep you comfortable both day and night and through summer and winter.


When people notice more insects in the house, they usually call an exterminator. Did you know your windows could be to blame?  Those tiny cracks and holes that are letting the bad air in and the good air out can also be a gateway for ants, spiders, even fleas.


If your windows are not properly sealed, water can become a real problem. It can ruin your walls and furnishing and cause mold in your home which can then cause sickness among family members.  New windows with the latest sealant technology will reduce any moisture entering your home.

Dingy Look

You will be surprised at what a difference New Windows can make to the look of your home, both from the inside and outside.  Clean lines and shiny glass are the just the beginning.  Take a look at our before and after photos to get an idea of the great facelift windows can make.

Now is a great time to invest in new windows.  As the seasons change, you’ll be able to enjoy the upcoming fall weather as well as cozy up for those winter months. Not to mention you’ll love to clean new look they will give your home.  Liberty Builders of Texas offers great financing, discounts for senior citizens and military and quick installation.  Give us a call!


Outdoor living space with beautiful fireplace

Why Build a Patio?

How often have you told your children to go outside to play?  These days, many kids are glued to the TV, Smart Phone, Tablet or Gaming device.  It is vital to give them a space to play and get fresh air and exercise.  In fact, that’s pretty good advice for the whole family.  An addition to your home can seem like an overwhelming project (and pain and expense) but Liberty Builders of Texas can work closely with you to work within your budget, your timeframe, and to give you just what it is you need.

Did you know a patio or veranda can actually help reduce your energy costs?  It provides shade, much like a tree or a large umbrella.  It can reduce the bright light entering your home by creating a kind of canopy.  Liberty Builders of Texas understands this concept when coming up with designs that meet your needs.  With that beautiful Texas Fall on its way, wouldn’t it be nice to have that kind of area to enjoy with family and friends?

Creating a nice outdoor living area is also a great way to upgrade your home without the expense of a full renovation and certainly without the hassle and stress.  An open-air space can add great value to your home when it comes to resale as well.  Many people are looking for that outdoor space for their family.

Liberty Builders of Texas offers great financing and discounts for senior citizens and military.  Give us a call and let us show you how to really enjoy the great outdoors from the privacy of your own backyard.


Radiant barrier before and after photos

Is Radiant Barrier Right for You?

San Antonians know just how fast the weather can change here in South Texas.  In the spring and fall, you never know if you’ll have a heat wave or surprise cold front.  And the next day you may experience the total opposite conditions!  What we do know for sure is that summer time is HOT and our energy bills will be on the rise until is starts to cool off again later in the fall.  Radiant Barrier can help fight the elements and the bills.

Radiant Barriers are installed in houses, usually in the attic, to primarily reduce summer heat in the home and reduce cooling costs. The barrier itself is made of a highly reflective material that reflects the heat rather than soaking it up. The material used to make the Liberty UV Radiant Barrier is the same material that keeps NASA Astronauts from losing body heat in the intense cold in outer space. Even the Space Shuttle‘s outer tiles and other areas contain similar radiant barrier products to combat intense heat and cold.  Our Radiant Barrier Product line, gives YOU the latest in cutting edge materials.

Radiant Barrier is maintenance and hassle free. Once it is installed, you don’t have to think about it again, just reap the benefits of a home that’s easier and cheaper to keep cool.

Call us for a free estimate and to learn more about how to keep your COOL AIR or HEAT in  your home instead of letting it escape … along with your money . . .

We look forward to helping you!

patio cover

Patio Covers

Liberty Builders of Texas constructs durable, affordable, and enjoyable patio roof systems and slabs. In the past few years Liberty Builders has doubled its patio business as South Texas homeowners realize the benefits of maintenance free, life time materials for their backyard enjoyment.  Most San Antonio homes are not built with patio roof systems or patio slabs, and those that are, many times, are of poor quality.  Liberty Builders of Texas can take care of that problem and build you the outdoor living area you’ve been dreaming of.


Why Add on a Patio Cover?

  • Keep your outdoor furniture clean and in great shape.
  • Provide Shade to your family and pets
  • Patio Covers are one of the most affordable home improvement projects you can choose.
  • Liberty Builders uses a beautiful aluminum that is maintenance free
  • You can choose colors
  • You can choose add-ons like columns, screens, stereo speakers
  • Add value to your home with character and sophistication
  • Keep your energy costs down INSIDE your home

Remember our consultations are free and we offer great financing!  When it comes to patios, Liberty Builders has you covered!