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Siding and Window Customer Pleasantly Surprised

Mike and Beverly Volkmann wrote the nicest letter to tell us how pleased they are with their purchase of siding, windows, doors, and gutters from Liberty Builders after 5 months and various weather conditions. They even recommended us to their son. See what they had to say for yourself. Let us know how we can help you with your home improvement project.


Coping with Pollen

pollenYou can tell it’s spring in South Texas when everything outdoors becomes covered in a fine yellow powder.  But what do you do when that lovely pollen gets on your screened in porch or your outdoor furniture?

Fresh pollen can be rinsed away with a garden hose but for the heavy deposits that are mixed with dust and dirt, you might need to use a little elbow grease.  For a deep down clean try this:

You will need:

  • Dishwashing Detergent
  • Warm Water
  • Clean spray bottle
  • Scrub brush
  • Garden hose

Fill the spray bottle ¾ full of warm water, adding a healthy pump or two of dish soap.  Shake the bottle until bubbles start to form.  Remove cushions from chairs so that you can work on both sides (if cushions are attached, do your best to get in all the crevices).  Rinse the loose pollen and dirt with the hose first (don’t scrub as the debris could seep through into the cushion).  After you’ve rinsed well, spray the surface with the soapy solution.  Now you can give those cushions a good scrubbing with the brush.  Repeat the process if needed until all that yellowy grime is gone.

If you removed the cushions, try to let them dry on sides or anywhere they can drain well so no mold will form.  Sun works great for drying if the air is pollen free.

You can maintain this cleanliness by wiping the surface with warm soapy water about once a week, using the hose for a final rinse.

Happy Spring!