Many South Texans find that carports are a necessity.  From providing shade from that sweltering Texas summer sun to protecting your vehicle from other elements like hail, wind and even ice in the winter.

We design and construct our carports from high quality structural aluminum panels which are then laminated to an expanded polystyrene foam core. These covers insulate against the heat and cold.

There are multiple color options and other bells and whistles available to you, such as flood lights, columns and even stereo speakers.  Like all of our products, carports come with our limited lifetime product and labor warranties. Best of all, our carports are maintenance free!

Here are some great reasons to choose a carport:

Weather Protection – protect your vehicles from all types of weather.

Energy Efficient – take less time to heat your car up or cool your car down.

Cost Effective – save time and money on car repairs

Multiple Uses – use it for motor homes, motorcycles, a play area, even a dinner party.

Design – add your own flair to the look and feel of the carport

Property Value – in many cases, a well-made carport can raise your property value

Liberty Builders of Texas is ready to talk to you about these benefits.  Remember, our consultations are free!