new windows of a home

Need New Windows? Here Are Some Signs to Look Out For

Replacing the windows in your house can make a big difference in the comfort and the value of your home. Not to mention, it can affect your energy costs as well.  The fact that that they add beauty to your home is icing on the cake!  Here are some signs to look out for when considering whether you need new windows.

Energy Bills

If your energy bills are out of control and you feel like you have been practicing good, energy-conscious habits, you might consider that the culprit could be your windows. Your precious air conditioning (or heat this coming winter) could be escaping through loose seals and cracks you don’t even notice.


Despite your bills, is your house still warm?  Can you feel it getting warmer as the day wears on? You will be amazed at what new windows can do to keep you comfortable both day and night and through summer and winter.


When people notice more insects in the house, they usually call an exterminator. Did you know your windows could be to blame?  Those tiny cracks and holes that are letting the bad air in and the good air out can also be a gateway for ants, spiders, even fleas.


If your windows are not properly sealed, water can become a real problem. It can ruin your walls and furnishing and cause mold in your home which can then cause sickness among family members.  New windows with the latest sealant technology will reduce any moisture entering your home.

Dingy Look

You will be surprised at what a difference New Windows can make to the look of your home, both from the inside and outside.  Clean lines and shiny glass are the just the beginning.  Take a look at our before and after photos to get an idea of the great facelift windows can make.

Now is a great time to invest in new windows.  As the seasons change, you’ll be able to enjoy the upcoming fall weather as well as cozy up for those winter months. Not to mention you’ll love to clean new look they will give your home.  Liberty Builders of Texas offers great financing, discounts for senior citizens and military and quick installation.  Give us a call!


Outdoor living space with beautiful fireplace

Why Build a Patio?

How often have you told your children to go outside to play?  These days, many kids are glued to the TV, Smart Phone, Tablet or Gaming device.  It is vital to give them a space to play and get fresh air and exercise.  In fact, that’s pretty good advice for the whole family.  An addition to your home can seem like an overwhelming project (and pain and expense) but Liberty Builders of Texas can work closely with you to work within your budget, your timeframe, and to give you just what it is you need.

Did you know a patio or veranda can actually help reduce your energy costs?  It provides shade, much like a tree or a large umbrella.  It can reduce the bright light entering your home by creating a kind of canopy.  Liberty Builders of Texas understands this concept when coming up with designs that meet your needs.  With that beautiful Texas Fall on its way, wouldn’t it be nice to have that kind of area to enjoy with family and friends?

Creating a nice outdoor living area is also a great way to upgrade your home without the expense of a full renovation and certainly without the hassle and stress.  An open-air space can add great value to your home when it comes to resale as well.  Many people are looking for that outdoor space for their family.

Liberty Builders of Texas offers great financing and discounts for senior citizens and military.  Give us a call and let us show you how to really enjoy the great outdoors from the privacy of your own backyard.