BBB Accredited business

You Can Trust Liberty Builders – A Member of the BBB

Liberty Builders of Texas is honored to be a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since 1992.  The BBB’s mission is to create a marketplace where companies can trust one another.  Not only do they set standards best practices for businesses, but also keep tabs on businesses and the reports they receive from the company’s customers.  The BBB selects and endorses local businesses who make a concerted and meticulous effort to resolve any complaints from their clients or customers.  The two main pillars of the BBB are Integrity and Performance.  These pillars include good ethics and an impeccable track record.  While every business can make mistakes, it’s how those mistakes are handled by the business that makes the difference.

The BBB rating is made after consideration of 13 factors.  They include:

  1. Complaints – How many and how severe?
  2. Unanswered Complaints – did the company respond appropriately and in a timely manner?
  3. Unresolved Complaints – was the complaint addressed or ingnored?
  4. Delays in Resolution – how long did it take to fix the problem?
  5. Pattern of failure to address complaints – What is the track record for the company in this area?
  6. Type of Business – How do they compare?
  7. Time in Business – Are they established?
  8. Transparent Business Practices – Are they employing best practices?
  9. Failure to Honor mediation/arbitration – How do they respond in a client disagreement?
  10. Competency Licensing – They must have all paperwork in order
  11. Government Action – They must follow all laws for their industry
  12. Advertising Review – Do they honor what they offer?
  13. BBB Trademark Infringement – Do they claim membership when they are not members?

Liberty Builders of Texas has an elevated rating of “A+” due to the following:

  • Length of time we have been in business
  • Complaint volume filed with BBB
  • Response to complaint filed against business
  • Resolution of complaint filed against business

It is our mission to listen to the needs of our clients, offer solutions and deliver what we promise.  We are proud to serve the San Antonio area and to be a part of the BBB.  Rest assured, you will be in great hands with Liberty Builders of Texas.


New front doors on a home

Why Your Home Needs a Fiberglass Door

Your front door is likely the cornerstone of your house.  It’s the first thing that guests and family see when they pay you a visit and it can convey your personal style and taste, as well as give great curb appeal to your home.

There are quite a few mainstream choices when it comes to focal entry doors.  From wood and steel to fiberglass, you might be surprised what type of material holds up best and makes the most practical choice.

Fiberglass entry doors have come a long way in the past 20-30 years.  These days, most consumers can’t even feel the difference between fiberglass and wood or steel.  Manufacturers have become good at creating heavy duty, insulated fiberglass that simulates the same look, feel and heaviness as the other competing materials.

These fiberglass doors are made from the same substances as cars, surf boards, and even airplanes.  They are ultra-resilient to staining, weathering, insects and even the force of a good door slam.  Other benefits are that they will not ever rot or shrink.  They are resistant to moisture so that will keep them from separating or cracking.  They can be installed with decorative glass and even matching flanks on their side.

The latest models now come with different “skins” to choose from.  These skins showcase different finishes to fit your style and various types of finishes and insulation that can lower your energy bills.  These improved doors also are a perfect compliment to just about any architectural style or trend.  And the best part?  Fiberglass doors are the most affordable!

If you are looking to update your front door, consider fiberglass.  Rest assured, they can handle the pressure and truly require the least amount of maintenance.

Call Liberty Builders of Texas, we’ll give you a free quote and great financing.