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Easy Financing Leads to Saving Money

Don’t let money be an issue when it comes to making important decisions on home improvements.  While some home improvement projects are purely for cosmetic purposes, others can truly change the look of your home while protecting your pocketbook and safeguarding the environment.  Liberty Builders of Texas prides itself in offering money saving, energy efficient products that can change your home’s curb appeal and your general cost of living.

And best of all, Liberty Builders offers these products and peace of mind with competitive and valuable financing options.

We’ve been in this business for over thirty years and have helped our customers finance over $60 million in important home improvements and renovations.  These projects range from small changes to our clients’ homes and businesses to major transformations.  Liberty Builders has partnered with a trusted network of lenders that work with us and our clientele to find the right terms and conditions for the projects you find important and that will help to save you money in the long run.

At Liberty Builders, we know that your most important asset is your home and we are proud to help you improve upon the cornerstone of your family or business.

Our financing process is simple.  Fill out the online form on our website under the financing tab. You can trust that this is in no way, shape or form a credit or loan application, but instead a secure way for us to discover your needs and try to meet them on terms that make the most sense for you.

We have worked with the San Antonio Credit Union (SACU) for almost 25 years and can work within any budget.  SACU has helped us finance over eleven thousand contracts without cutting corners on workmanship or materials.

If you are thinking about investing in your home or business, it will only take a minute to get the ball rolling with our easy financing questionnaire and lenders who are ready to work with you and your budget.  Fill out the form or give us a call.  We are excited to work with you

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The Ultimate Revelation Of Unbreakable Glass

Have your ever heard the term “unbreakable glass?”  More and more homeowners are replacing their current windows with what is being marketed as “unbreakable” windows, or better-termed, “impact resistant” glass.

Glass really isn’t unbreakable in the true sense of the word.  More likely these types of windows are shatter proof.  They can provide safety to your family members, pets and furnishings when there is a mishap to your window. Years ago, windows would easily shatter when hit with a rock, tree limb, baseball, wind, and in unfortunate circumstances, a bullet. Today, the more modern style windows may allow one small hole at the point of impact and, instead of the glass splintering and falling into the house, the window will stay in relatively one piece, revealing shatter lines where the blow was made.  They are made to safeguard the occupants of the home, very much like the way car windows are manufactured.

These unbreakable kinds of windows generally come in two different varieties.  One is essentially glass that is fit with a clear plastic film overlay.  It has the ability to actually stretch at impact.  Though the glass may shatter, it will not fly out in the direction of the force.  The other type is actually polycarbonate, a type of plastic. Double paned polycarbonate, sometimes called a “sandwich window”, allows for terrific security, lower energy costs and is exceptional in letting in the right kind of light.  To the naked eye, it cannot be distinguished from regular glass.

These popular protective glass windows are now standard in building codes in areas prone to hurricanes and earthquakes.  They are both very strong, quite light and are perfect for homes and businesses.

Liberty Builders of Texas can help you find the right updated windows for your home and save you money in the process.  Keep your family and valuables safe by considering protective windows for your home.  Our in-home consultations are free of charge.

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