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Reduce Your Exterior Home Maintenance Costs

Your house is an extension of you. If the exterior looks bad, so do you. The outside of your home should be attractive, inviting, and not appear to be in need of major repairs. If it is, however, don’t worry too much, and keep in mind that cost-effective exterior home maintenance is definitely possible. It just takes time, research and the right amount of motivation.

Taking the time to choose just the right materials for your home exterior projects will cut down on future frustrations and repetitive replacements. Here are some great options:

Metal roofing is a great investment because it protects against fire and bad weather. It’s also great for reflecting sunlight to reduce cooling costs in the summer and insulate in the winter. Met roofs can last up to 60 years.

Vinyl siding is a cheap, low-maintenance substitute for traditional wood when choosing a siding material to protect your home. Some perks to vinyl siding are that it’s perfect for larger houses where painting would be difficult, the material is synthetic and doesn’t require any finishing, and it is also unaffected by insects and water.

A fiberglass or metal door offers an attractive alternative to your entryway with minimal maintenance. With its weather-tight fit that seals out water and air leaks, you’ll reduce your energy bill, and by choosing a fiberglass or metal door, you’ll protect your home from intruders, extreme weather conditions, and pests.

Your final alternative to reduce exterior home maintenance is opting for a composite deck, which will prevent splintering, warping, and rotting. Made from a mix of wood and plastic, composite decks don’t lose their strength and beauty over time as a result of age or weather damage. Upkeep will be minimal as you’ll won’t have to repaint or sand your deck.

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The Importance of Fiberglass Sliding Doors

The best time for outdoor events is here. As warmer weather approaches, so are the days to leave the doors open for fresh air. If your home has a beautiful backyard that’s just perfect for outdoor activities, you may want to think about investing in fiberglass sliding doors, which provide unobstructed views and easy access. Here are three other great reasons to consider fiberglass sliding doors:

Energy Efficiency: While maximizing air ventilation and space illusion, fiberglass sliding doors open up a small area to widen the view outside and will also fulfill energy efficiency needs. Sliding doors are a great solution for allowing safe ventilation. And with a mesh screen installed, the use of natural ventilation allows to save on energy costs as well as keeping bugs from entering through.

Space: Due to their design, swinging doors consume more space than fiberglass sliding doors. Usually attached to the living room, sliding doors make your room appear larger. Sliding doors take up no radius and provide you with a wide open view to the outdoors. They are the link to your backyard or patio so the exterior looks as though it is an extension to the room.

Lighting: Allowing natural light into your house is perfect for energy saving and there are options for having several different door panels. For the interior designer in you, cover your sliding doors with shutters or drapes when natural light is unnecessary. This will add an attractive design solution for your home.

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