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Fall Gutter Care

Fall means it’s time for cooler weather and falling leaves, but it also means it’s time to give your gutters a good check. Clear leaves from your gutters regularly, especially if you notice them starting to accumulate as they can cause serious damage to your home by not allowing water to wick away from your home. Heavy rotting leaves can also weigh down your gutters and potentially cause damage to the gutters themselves and your home’s exterior. Running water through your gutters can reveal any leaks and cracks. Check and seal any gutter leaks, some smaller cracks can be easy to repair, but if the job’s too big for the weekend warrior in you, give Liberty Builders a call.

When checking your gutters, look at your home’s exterior to look for dips in the foundation and rust spots on your porch or patio: both can be an indication of water flow troubles in your gutter system. Once you’re done clearing leaf litter and debris away from your gutters, be sure to dispose of the leaves properly. Also, be sure to use all the necessary precautions when using your ladder to access the gutter system. While up on a high vantage point, take the time to investigate any low-hanging trees around your gutters: trim back those that could deposit leaves and sticks into your gutter system; those blockages can cause serious gutter damage.

These tips can help keep your gutters clear this fall. And if you’re worried about your home’s gutters or it’s a job that requires professional assistance give Liberty Builders a call. The Liberty Builders professionals are knowledgeable, quick, and affordable. We’ll keep your gutters clear, safe, and working properly for a long time.

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Back to School Energy Saving Tips

Fall is in the air and the kids are going back to school. With shorter days on the horizon and bigger energy consumption due to cooling temperatures and more indoor and school-related activities, here are a few tips from Liberty Builders to help you and your family save energy. While it may be fall on the calendar, it’s still summer weather for most of Texas when it comes to temperature. Keep the air conditioner off during the day while you and the kids are away from home and then turn it on when everyone’s home to feel the cool air. Use fans to keep cool air circulating around the house. Tell your kid’s to keep electronics plugged into a surge protector to keep electronics safe from electrical surges and keep homework safe. For fall backyard activities, try using cost-effective lighting like torches, candles or LED lights. Take advantage of the still long hours of sunlight and try to keep the lights in your home off for as long as possible; an unobstructed window can easily light many rooms in the average home. Finally, check your home for any leaks or gaps in doors and windows that let out cold air: even a small leak can turn into a big draft as the weather gets colder. Seal any gaps or cracks, and if the job is too big for you don’t worry, just give the pros at Liberty Builders a call and we’ll come right over to inspect your home for cracks, leaks and gaps.
For more energy saving tips, be sure to follow Liberty’s Builders’ blog for more helpful energy saving tips.