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6 Signs You Need To Replace Your Windows

Now that Spring has arrived, it’s time for some home improvements. The winter can provide some damage to your home, especially to your windows. Be aware of how winter weather can affect them. If you didn’t take any precautions for winter or if you are not aware of how to notice window damage, here are some warning signs.

  • Condensation: Can you see out of the window? Condensation, fading, and discoloration can all affect your windows. Ugly windows will lower the value and appeal of your home. If you can’t see inside or outside, it is time for replacements.
  • Energy Efficiency: Is your energy bill higher? If your HVAC unit is working harder than normal, it is because your windows are old and are letting outside air in. This leads to higher electric bills. You’ll be able to tell this is happening if your windows appear to be leaking and it’s not condensation.
  • Cracked / Damaged: How difficult is it to crack a window open? A definite sign that you need your windows replaced is when you struggle to open and close them. If you can feel or hear a draft seeping through, this might be a sign that your windows aren’t shutting properly either and it is time to replace.
  • Exterior Noise: Can you hear your neighbors fighting? Good windows should be able to reduce exterior noise. An improved window design can drown out those loud car horns and neighbors.
  • Insects / Critters: Have you found more insects indoors? If you spot mice and other outdoor critters crawling about your floors, they could be coming in through cracks found on your window glass or sill.
  • Rotting: How old is your house? When living in an older home, the window wood might be rotting and the window design look could be outdated. Update the look of your home by replacing the windows, while also lowering your energy bill and complementing your home’s exterior with something more attractive.

To be sure about window damage, call our local window services for an in-home consultation.




  • Window Replacement

    Great article. I actually just bought a window replacement business a couple months, but have been in the business a long time, and a lot of my customers here in Charlotte, NC are always asking when it is time to do simply one or two window or full window replacement. Great information.

  • Kyle Winters

    As obvious as it might seem, the article does raise a good point about the importance of replacing windows that have been cracked or damaged. One of the biggest entry points that burglars will use to enter a house are the windows. You really don’t want to give them an easier time by giving them an already compromised window to break through.

  • Andy Sofi

    Thank you for this post. This is really useful. Your warning signs of damage window helped me a lot. Now, replacing windows is very necessary for my home.

  • Aaron Mitchell

    Great information. Coming with the territory a lot of Real Estate agents that give me a lot of work ask if they should raise the police of the home they are about to put on the market after I install new windows, and some times I reply, “Absolutely.” Not to sound boastful, but depending upon the amount of work needing to be done, the windows can add a considerable amount of value to the home, not only for the structural value, but also aesthetics as well. Great article. Glad I bumped into it.

  • Gregory Willard

    I had no idea that ugly windows could lower the value of my home. We always clean our windows but can never really get them fully clean. Our house is old enough, maybe it is time to consider replacing our windows.

    • Window Installation - Fayetteville, NC

      Hey Buddy, replacing your window should not only be your consideration, you should make energy efficient and perfect window installation also the part of your consideration. As you have already described that your home is old enough, you can find beautiful replacement window options available at an affordable price, just click on the name. You can contact us for beautiful and energy efficient replacement windows and professional window installation in Fayetteville, NC.

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