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Replace Your Gutters with Liberty Builders

February is a great time to clean out those gutters full of debris from the fall and winter weather. If you find yourself cleaning gutters that might need replacing instead, think Liberty Builders. If you’re not sure how long you’ve had your current gutters, we’ll help you with figuring out if you need new ones. Here are some ways to figure out if you need new gutters on your own:

  • If your gutters have a large number of cracks, holes, or rust damage.
  • If your fasteners are broken (those are the pieces of metal that connect your gutter to your roof).
  • If you’re constantly finding nails and screws on the ground that have fallen off your gutters.
  • If you see gutters pulling away from the roof or if they sag.
  • If you see the paint peeling off.

At Liberty Builders, we use Leaf Relief gutter guards by Ply Gem to protect against leaves, twigs and other debris from blocking your gutters. Leaf Relief® is not only the most effective gutter protection system on the market, it is also the most invisible. Leaf Relief® lays flat and fits snugly on top of your gutter. We back it with our exclusive 10-Year Limited Warranty, which includes the repairing or replacing of the product if the product is defective and the product is covered for 10 years.

Call Liberty Builders today for a free in-home consultation. For new gutters, call (210) 714-1655.

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Fall Gutter Care

Fall means it’s time for cooler weather and falling leaves, but it also means it’s time to give your gutters a good check. Clear leaves from your gutters regularly, especially if you notice them starting to accumulate as they can cause serious damage to your home by not allowing water to wick away from your home. Heavy rotting leaves can also weigh down your gutters and potentially cause damage to the gutters themselves and your home’s exterior. Running water through your gutters can reveal any leaks and cracks. Check and seal any gutter leaks, some smaller cracks can be easy to repair, but if the job’s too big for the weekend warrior in you, give Liberty Builders a call.

When checking your gutters, look at your home’s exterior to look for dips in the foundation and rust spots on your porch or patio: both can be an indication of water flow troubles in your gutter system. Once you’re done clearing leaf litter and debris away from your gutters, be sure to dispose of the leaves properly. Also, be sure to use all the necessary precautions when using your ladder to access the gutter system. While up on a high vantage point, take the time to investigate any low-hanging trees around your gutters: trim back those that could deposit leaves and sticks into your gutter system; those blockages can cause serious gutter damage.

These tips can help keep your gutters clear this fall. And if you’re worried about your home’s gutters or it’s a job that requires professional assistance give Liberty Builders a call. The Liberty Builders professionals are knowledgeable, quick, and affordable. We’ll keep your gutters clear, safe, and working properly for a long time.

Protect Your Gutters

Well, that was quite the rainy weekend we just had!  While we are all undoubtedly grateful for the rainfall, the weather combined with the season means one thing: leaves, leaves, leaves and more leaves.

Do you have a good gutter system?  The purpose of gutters is to collect rain water that hits our roofs and direct it and any debris away from the home.  Any water that collects close to the foundation of the home will sometimes find its way inside which can cause moisture damage and possibly mold.

Gutters can’t work efficiently with leaves and twigs clogging them up, but keeping them clean doesn’t have to be a hard chore.  Occasional checks to make sure they aren’t loose and that there aren’t any obstructions is suggested. And always make sure that the water is diverted away from the foundation.

If you find that keeping your gutters debris-free a difficult task, give us a call.  We install Leaf Relief® by Ply Gem.  We find this brand is more effective in keeping waste from blocking the gutters.  This brand can drain almost 30 inches off a roof in an hours’ time.  Not only is it effective, it is also almost invisible as it lays flat and fits snugly inside your gutter.  We find this brand is more valuable than other types of rain gutter protection at keeping leaves, twigs and pine needles from blocking your gutters.

So enjoy this fall weather without worrying about gutter jams!

Happy Home Owning!

Liberty Builders on Great Day SA Morning Show.

How would you like to increase the value of your home and lower your energy costs with Liberty Builders?”  Those are the words spoken by Bridget Smith, host of the KENS 5 morning show Great Day SA.

Bob Schmueckle, President of Liberty Builders, and Chris Griffin, joined Bridget to demonstrate our Generations window product line and talk about the superior services offered by Liberty Builders.

Here is a quick recap of today’s show and Liberty:

  1. We pride ourselves on quality products and superior service.
  2. Our products increase the value of your home.
  3. Our products decrease your energy consumption and save you money.
  4. We won’t leave your home until you are 100% satisfied with your installation.
Siding, Windows, and Patio Covers are just a few of the products we offer.  From the minute you call Liberty, you are family.  Our dedicated sales team will help you determine your best investment, our installation teams will deliver a quality product, and our team will be there for you long after we finish your project!

Liberty Builders Helps Family Rebuild on National TV!

This past weekend, December 10th and 11th, Liberty Builders of Texas participated in a nationally syndicated television home rehabilitation show.  We cannot say who yet, but keep an eye out on our website for more details!

The Liberty Team was in Bastrop, Texas after having been asked to volunteer their time and energy to rebuild a home for a family that lost everything during the wildfires in Texas.  Our teams installed siding over a 48 hour period to the best of their ability.


Stay tuned for more info on the show, the time it airs, and the family we helped!

Director of Operations trains to be the BEST!

At Liberty Builders of Texas, we value knowledge and service.  To take care of our customers, we must stay on top of all industry standards and products.  No one will show up at your doorstep more prepared than our team!  What does this mean to you?  The more we learn, the better we serve you!

Liberty Builders is proud to announce that Gary Schmueckle, our Director of Operations has completed his training as a Vinyl Siding Institute (VSI) Certified Installer.  Gary has also been awarded the prestigious Master Installer certification from Simonton Windows.

What does this say about Liberty Builders:

  1. Our employees are recognized as the best and we train to maintain that rating.
  2. Our expertise creates a better product for you during the installation process.
  3. Our products are the best, our people are the best, and you will benefit by increasing the resale value of your home!
This means a quality product for your home that lasts a lifetime.  We can reduce your energy costs, help increase the value of your home, and put money back in your bank account. Call Liberty Builders to find out how!

Patio Covers, Carports, and Sunrooms! Quality Work, Quality Service!

Save MONEY on your energy bills!  Increase your home’s value!


Liberty Builders of Texas is helping San Antonio home owners enjoy their backyards, patios, and porches despite the record setting heat. We have noticed a huge increase in customers contacting us for Patio Covers and or Carports just in the past 45 days.

In some cases our customers are deciding to go ahead and build a Glass Sun Room and Room Addition or we will enclose an existing porch with our exclusive Generations windows and doors.

Now is a great time for anyone to convert their existing porch or patio into a glass Sun Room or Screen Room. Whether its the Texas heat or preparing for the winter, contact Liberty Builders of Texas and have us give you a free estimate on Sun Room, Screen Room, Patio Cover, and Carport.

All of our products and services can be 100% financed. Click here and contact us today!

When your thinking about exterior Remodeling, remember Liberty Builders of Texas!