Light shining through attic window before eco-friendly home improvements

Try These Four Eco-Friendly Home Improvements

Our homes are very important to us. We spend much of our time and income on our homes. They take so much upkeep, and since we’re living in a time when our actions have a detrimental effect on our planet, we need to upkeep our homes in more eco-friendly ways. Eco-friendly homes and home improvements aren’t just beneficial to the environment, they are beneficial to the homeowners as well. What are the most eco-friendly home improvements?

Window Renovations. Your windows play the biggest role in how natural elements enter and exit your home. Replacing the windows on your house is one of the best eco-friendly home improvements you can make. Replace your outdated windows with Generations Windows from Liberty Builders. Installing these windows shows a 40 percent decrease in energy costs.

LED Lights. Utilize natural lighting whenever possible and turn lights off when you exit a room to save energy and money. When it is necessary to use lights, replace regular bulbs with energy-saving bulbs. LED and CFL lights both use about 80 percent less energy than standard bulbs. They last longer all while producing the same strength of light and they are a very cost-effective and eco-friendly home improvement tool.

Radiant Barriers. San Antonio’s climate is extreme when it gets hot. Radiant barriers protect against the heat and cold. Keep the heat out and air conditioning in all while helping the environment and your wallet.

Attic Insulation. Did you know up to 40 percent of a home’s conditioned air escapes through the attic? Your house may not be properly insulated. If your energy bill continues to rise or if your house is over 10 years old, it may be time to take action, save 20 percent on your energy bill, and get Owens Corning Attic Insulation from Liberty Builders.

If you’re looking to be more earth-friendly with your next home project, Liberty Builders can help. Home improvement products are constantly changing to help minimize the negative effects of home repair that go into the environment. Liberty Builders offers eco-friendly products including energy efficient doors, windows, patio covers, carports, and insulation. Liberty Builders offers eco-friendly services that benefit the environment and save you money. Call us today for a free in-home consultation!