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Siding and Window Customer Pleasantly Surprised

Mike and Beverly Volkmann wrote the nicest letter to tell us how pleased they are with their purchase of siding, windows, doors, and gutters from Liberty Builders after 5 months and various weather conditions. They even recommended us to their son. See what they had to say for yourself. Let us know how we can help you with your home improvement project.


Eze-Breeze Vinyl Sliding Panels

Liberty Builder windowsIf you have an opened air or screened-in porch, undoubtedly you have been through times of frustration when your outdoor furniture is covered from pollen or needs to be covered or moved during a storm.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could enjoy this area of your home all year long with minimum upkeep?  With Eze-Breeze, you can! Eze-Breeze is a brand of vinyl sliding panels that are durable, flexible and let the light through when they are closed and only let the air flow in that you desire.

Outdoor areas are not only more useful when enjoyed year round but are also more valuable.  With Eze Breeze Panels and their custom design, you can even heat your once-open porch to utilize it during cold winter weather.

Eze-Breeze vinyl sliding panels are extremely simple to use — practically unbreakable, effective and backed by great manufacturer warranty. If you’re ready to enjoy your porch year around, consider the Eze-Breeze vinyl sliding panels system!

Here are some of the great features of Eze-Breeze:

  • Sturdy, yet lightweight, aluminum frames
  • Customized and made-to-order for a perfect fit
  • The unique tracks and customized panels are easy to operate
  • They open widely, allowing your porch to retain its breezy, open feel
  • Different frame color options to complement your home
  • Instead of glass, they utilize unique vinyl panels with memory that flex with pressure and return to their original shape
  • Different vinyl tint options for added shade or privacy
  • Large, clear panels create an open, floor-to-ceiling view
  • The vinyl panels are more affordable than glass windows
  • There is a lifetime limited warranty on Eze-Breeze sliding panels

Give us a call and let’s make your patio a year round haven!

Patio Covers – Enjoy Your Backyard The Way You Deserve

Liberty Builders of Texas constructs durable, affordable, and enjoyable patio roof systems and slabs. In the past few years Liberty Builders has doubled it’s patio business as South Texas homeowners realize the benefits of maintenance free, life time materials for their backyard enjoyment.

Most San Antonio homes do not have patio roof systems or patio slabs. Even when homes do, the materials and construction is often of poor quality. Liberty Builders recently had the pleasure of completing a project for Mr. & Mrs. De Leon on the Northside of town.

  • The project area  at the start of the construction.

  • Construction begins


  • Due to the poor construction of the existing slab, Liberty Builders demolished and excavated the existing patio slab. Notice how the only metal reinforcement is cheap chicken wire, not even laid in the concrete. Unfortunately, this is what we usually find when we remove slabs.

  • Liberty Builders patio covers and slabs are built properly. Below are the preforms with 1/2″ rebar every 12″ tied into the homes foundation. Our covers are built with lifetime insulated metal that will never rot, warp, crack or peel.

New concrete floor      

  • Once we completed the concrete pour and the patio installation, our happy customers were left with a backyard to enjoy.



  • Call Liberty Builders of Texas today to get a free estimate for your backyard!

MYSA.COM features video about Liberty Builders of Texas on their website!

Liberty Builders of Texas has just kicked off a company feature page with MySA.com.

San Antonio home owners looking to replace their siding with our maintenance free insulated siding products can visit our website and schedule a free consultation. Not only does Liberty Builders of Texas replace rotten siding, we also replace windows and doors.  Liberty Builders is the exclusive dealer for the J.D. Power award winning Generations windows by Simonton.

There are thousands of San Antonio home owners that need to have their entry doors and patio doors replaced because of rot decaying and molded wood. We offer the customer the option to have security features to keep their home safe from break-ins and potential intruders.

The heat has been horrible this Summer to San Antonio and central Texas residents. To help beat the heat Liberty Builders of Texas also offers Patio Covers, Carports, Screened Porches, and Sun Rooms! We can build a traditional Wood Patio Cover and Sun Room, or have it built with maintenance free aluminum. Lattice and Pergolas are also available.

As Always, all of our exterior remodeling products can be 100% financed!

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When your thinking about exterior remodeling, Remember Liberty Builders of Texas!