Protect Your Gutters

Well, that was quite the rainy weekend we just had!  While we are all undoubtedly grateful for the rainfall, the weather combined with the season means one thing: leaves, leaves, leaves and more leaves.

Do you have a good gutter system?  The purpose of gutters is to collect rain water that hits our roofs and direct it and any debris away from the home.  Any water that collects close to the foundation of the home will sometimes find its way inside which can cause moisture damage and possibly mold.

Gutters can’t work efficiently with leaves and twigs clogging them up, but keeping them clean doesn’t have to be a hard chore.  Occasional checks to make sure they aren’t loose and that there aren’t any obstructions is suggested. And always make sure that the water is diverted away from the foundation.

If you find that keeping your gutters debris-free a difficult task, give us a call.  We install Leaf Relief® by Ply Gem.  We find this brand is more effective in keeping waste from blocking the gutters.  This brand can drain almost 30 inches off a roof in an hours’ time.  Not only is it effective, it is also almost invisible as it lays flat and fits snugly inside your gutter.  We find this brand is more valuable than other types of rain gutter protection at keeping leaves, twigs and pine needles from blocking your gutters.

So enjoy this fall weather without worrying about gutter jams!

Happy Home Owning!

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