Exterior Fiberglass Doors San Antonio

Therma-Tru Entry Doors

Liberty Builders carries all types of fiberglass doors. All door brands go through a vast array of tests to ensure quality. As part of Therma-Tru’s rigorous product testing, our doors are tested against extreme weather conditions. Severe temperatures can eventually lead to compromised performance, including air infiltration, cracking, swelling or warping. Our Advanced Technology Center uses high-powered heat lamps to measure the effects of extreme weather on our doors to ensure they can withstand the heat. This is especially important for doors in San Antonio as temperatures can rise and fall to extremes within a matter of hours.

Fiberglass doors expand and contract less than wood or steel. They are resistant to temperature changes and can withstand extreme cold, heat, sun striking surface and sun baking surface behind storm door.

Fiberglass exterior doors also surpass high-quality steel doors in air infiltration performance. In testing conducted in accordance with AAMA 1702.2-85, fiberglass doors performed more than two times better than steel doors, measuring 0.10 CFM/FT2 compared to 0.22 CFM/FT2.

Security Front Doors

The statistics are almost shocking: according to the U.S. Department of Justice and the FBI, there are approximately 8,600 residential break-ins every day in the U.S. or one every 10 seconds. Most unlawful entry is not surprisingly through a doorway, with entry doors and patio doors the points of entry in 34 percent and 22 percent of break-ins, respectively. Therma-Tru is leading the fiberglass door industry in safety and security enhancements to its entry and patio door systems, introducing new features like multi-point locking systems and a security strike plate.

Multi-Point Locking System

  • Increased security
  • Enhanced performance
  • Increases Labor Rider Warranty
  • Part of full system warranty
  • World class quality and craftsmanship
  • Upgrade option on all Therma-Tru Fiberglass door systems-Entry and Patio

Frame Saver Door Jamb

Our frame saver door jambs are able to resist rot and reduce costly repairs.

Frame saver door

Frame saver door

What Does a Full System Warranty Cover?

  • Door Slab
  • Decorative and Clear Glass
  • Lite-Frames
  • Hinges
  • Sill
  • Weatherstrip and Door Bottom
  • Multi-Point Hardware
  • Astragals and Double Door Components

*All Components must be Genuine Therma-Tru System Components

Advantages & Limitations

Wood Doors vs Steel Doors vs Fiberglass Doors

Wood Doors



Beautiful Wood Grain
High End Look
Can peel or bubble out
Warm Feel and Touch


Absorbs moisture
Can peel or bubble out
Can bow, warp or twist
Will fade
Not energy efficient
Requires regular maintenance

FiberGlass Doors



Lowest maintenance
Resists denting and scratching
Offers wood grain and smooth finish look
Won’t rot, deteriorate or rust
Energy efficient
Can be painted or stained
Won’t warp, bow or twist
Five times the insulation value of wood


Steel Doors



Lower maintenance
No cracking or bowing
Less expensive
Decent insulating value

Easily dented
Scratches can lead to rust
Paint chipping can be common
Conducts temperature; cold or hot to the touch