Ways to Stay Warm and Save Money

People living in cold climates, or even during the few cold months here in South Texas, can spend a lot of money on energy bills trying to keep their home warm.  Good insulation and products like radiant barrier are simple answers to keeping the heat inside your home.  But there are other tricks you employ to lower those energy bills as well.

The first thing to understand is that you lose more heat from your surroundings than by just the passage of air.  For example, if you come in the cold house and turn the heat on, your walls, furniture, floors, etc, are still cold and take longer to warm up.

Here are some ideas to combat this cold and “take the chill off” the house.

Close Your Curtains At Night

Sun may have streamed through your windows during the day, but those windows turn very cold at night and take quite a while to warm up.  Close your drapes and lower your blinds right after the sun goes down in the evening.

Cover Your Walls

Brick and Stone are better insulators than the glass in your windows but they still get very cold and let heat escape.  You can reduce this heat loss but simply decorating.  Pictures, mirrors, tapestries, even posters add an extra layer of insulation.  Even better are book shelves or built-ins, which provide more thermal protections.

Cover Your Front Door

Doors can let in drafts, especially thin doors.  Keeping the door weather stripping in place and with full coverage will help,  Also, covering your door and the surrounding wall with a thick lined door curtain can eliminate pretty much all the heat loss.

Use Screens

Even if you can’t reduce heat loss from doors and walls, using fire screens at the fire place can help.  Back in pioneer days, people used to draw up wooden screens behind themselves and huddle up to the fire. Being at room temperature, the screens kept their backs warm, while radiation from the fire heated up their front.

Keep Your Furniture in the Center of your Home

Different parts of your house may feel warmer than others even though the air temperature is the same throughout the home.  Staying in the middle of the room can keep you warmer, so try to put your furniture against an interior wall.  If the head of your bed is against an exterior wall, solid headboards will be a barrier against the cold.

Staying informed about how heat moves through your home can help you brave the cold.  Stay warm!

(source: iflscience.com)

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