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Entertain Year Round with Indoor-Outdoor Connectivity

Human beings are genetically engineered to be outdoor animals and the need to be connected to the outdoors is never stronger than when we are young. – Prakash Nair & Randall Fielding

San Antonio homeowners and homebuyers crave floor plans that feature an indoor-outdoor connection. Not only does connectivity allow them to bring the outside in, but also to enjoy the additional living space.

To achieve this, many homeowners are adding onto their existing spaces and embracing natural light by connecting indoor and outdoor rooms. Entertaining guests will be your favorite pastime after incorporating oversized windows and covered patios off your dining and living areas. Imagine getting to enjoy fresh air and the beauty of the outdoors with the comforts and class of a living room.

Upgrade your outdoor space! Read on to learn more about how you can transition your home into a more primitive and cozy atmosphere.


Cover Your Patio
Create a flow between your indoor and outdoor spaces by converting an already-existing porch, deck, or patio for year-round entertaining. Adding a patio cover will ensure that you can enjoy your space even when the weather doesn’t cooperate. Throw in comforts from indoors such as comfy sofas and chairs, side tables, and perhaps a fireplace for the colder months and you’ll be enjoying the outdoors in no time.


Install New Doors

Expand your family room with oversized sliding glass doors or even pocket doors to remove the traditional division between indoors and out. Doors that provide natural light or that can be pulled away completely give a blending effect to your home and create a natural flow of traffic that incorporates your outdoor living area.

The immediate connection with the outdoors could also help lure kids away from their screens and increase their appreciation for things far greater than electronics.


Echo Your Home’s Shape

A wraparound patio that mirrors the shape of your home makes your indoor and outdoor spaces feel more intertwined. Pair that with sliding glass doors and plentiful windows and you’ll be surprised how much time you spend outdoors.


An indoor-outdoor connection can make your home feel more spacious and filled with light, but more importantly, it can improve your quality of life. Entertain your friends, spend quality time with your family, enjoy a beautiful sunset, and watch the rain from the comfort of your very own cozy perch. No other design change or remodel has a greater impact on the value of your home and your life.

Ready to explore your outdoor options? Schedule a free in-home consultation today. Liberty Builders consultants are experienced in helping you choose the right touches for your space.


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Outdoor living space with beautiful fireplace

Why Build a Patio?

How often have you told your children to go outside to play?  These days, many kids are glued to the TV, Smart Phone, Tablet or Gaming device.  It is vital to give them a space to play and get fresh air and exercise.  In fact, that’s pretty good advice for the whole family.  An addition to your home can seem like an overwhelming project (and pain and expense) but Liberty Builders of Texas can work closely with you to work within your budget, your timeframe, and to give you just what it is you need.

Did you know a patio or veranda can actually help reduce your energy costs?  It provides shade, much like a tree or a large umbrella.  It can reduce the bright light entering your home by creating a kind of canopy.  Liberty Builders of Texas understands this concept when coming up with designs that meet your needs.  With that beautiful Texas Fall on its way, wouldn’t it be nice to have that kind of area to enjoy with family and friends?

Creating a nice outdoor living area is also a great way to upgrade your home without the expense of a full renovation and certainly without the hassle and stress.  An open-air space can add great value to your home when it comes to resale as well.  Many people are looking for that outdoor space for their family.

Liberty Builders of Texas offers great financing and discounts for senior citizens and military.  Give us a call and let us show you how to really enjoy the great outdoors from the privacy of your own backyard.